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Agricultural Buildings

Our Agricultural Barns are large enough for your machines, vehicles, and livestock. These buildings come in two basic styles: a three roof design and a continuous roof design. Aesthetically, the three roof design is more reminiscent of a classic pole barn, while the continuous roof design has more of a residential appeal. All agricultural buildings require the use of the internal uprights, as engineered trusses are required to have clear spans of over 30! Lean-to's are also common additions for the storage of hay or machinery.

36'W x 21'L x 11'H x 7'H

Perfect for livestock.

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42'W x 31'L x 12'H x 8'H

1-10x10' garage door, 1-9'x7' garage door, 1 walk-in door and 1 window.

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42'W x 26'L x 12'H x 8'H

With 2 double panel gable ends, four ends with 2-9'x7' openings with both sides closed.

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48'W x 26'L x 12'H x 9'H

2-9x7' openings, 1-12'x12' opening. Vertical roof.

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36'W x 26'L x 12'H x 8'H

All vertical ag building with 2-9'x7's and 1-10'x10' and vents.

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48'W x 31'L x 12'H x 9'H

One 9'x7' and two 10'x10' garage doors with one side walk-in door and one window. Vertical roof.

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"I love the carport, guys. Nice job."

Hellen Smith
Indianapolis, Indiana

"My car now last longer clean. My new carport works great."

Jhonny Spencer
Chicago, Illinois

"We even use our carport for barbecues. We love it!!!"

Columbus, Ohio

"You did a great job on my metal garage. Now I have plenty of space for my stuff."

Columbus, Ohio

"Wow, that was fast. Just love my new garage."

Evansville, Indiana

"You guys rock."

Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I just love my rv carport. My rv looks really nice."

Leticia Brown
Detroit, Michigan