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About Us

We Promise. We Deliver.

As we approach our Platinum Anniversary, we continue to take pride in the affordable prices and exceptional quality of each building we deliver and install!


Since our establishment in 2001, All Steel Carports, Inc. has achieved a reputation of excellence in manufacturing all types of steel carports, garages, sheds, agricultural and commercial/truss style buildings to fit all your structural needs.

In 2015 we opened our second manufacturing plant in Muskogee, Oklahoma to service a seven-state region. In that same year we were honored to receive the New Business of the Year award from the Oklahoma/Muskogee Economic Development Department.

Oklahoma Manufacturing Plant
All Steel Carport's Muskogee, Oklahoma Manufacturing Plant.
All Steel Village
Our Newest Manufacturing Facility in Muncie, IN (Opening Soon).


Our main facility is based in Muncie, IN but we have established a strong network of dealers across the areas we service, who are equipped with various display models of our impeccable structures as well as a variety of brochures to help you select the building that best reflects what you are looking for! All our dealers have been trained to guide and offer insight into choosing the styles, options and colors for your desired building. Contact us today to find an authorized dealer near you.


Buildings Each Year


Square Feet Each Year


Tons of Steel Each Year


All Steel Carports in Muncie, IN is also our main manufacturing plant, where we fabricate all the steel tubing and sheet metal as well as cut, bend, and weld every component used during the installation of all the steel buildings. Our goal is to strive for excellence with our team of hard-working craftsmen and welders to ensure that every aspect of your structure meets our high-quality standards.